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ACTIVATING YOUR SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWERS is a comprehensive spiritual and psychological book guiding you to reach your highest spiritual potential through Self-Awareness, Spiritual Intelligence, and Love Consciousness thereby leading you to a Transformation of Consciousness.  This transformation entails deconditioning yourself from your past Habitual Egoic Mind-Patterns and facilitating a New Dynamic Mind from your Old Dogmatic Mind.  The final destination is actualizing your interconnectedness with the Creative Consciousness of the Universal Intelligence (Source, God etc.).

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DUM DUM DODO, the "Goofball" Superhero with an IQ of Perfect Zero

Dum Dum Dodo, America's Goofball Superhero

Accidental Droppings

my book
Hilarious birdbrain babblings on love, sex, sports, politics and more ...
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Accidental Dodoisms

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