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Written in short vignettes, anecdotes, and Dodo tales … sure to feather tickle your senses. A zany world of laughter jam-packed with outrageous misadventures and innocent buffoonery.

  • Cure laughter procrastination by reading Accidental Droppings.
  • Use Goofball Psychology to perform brain urgency on yourself.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of life, love, and politics.
  • Become a genuine Dodo by just taking Dum Dum’s IQ Test.
  • Be the Superhero no one thought you could ever be.
  • Learn to love the nonsensical Dodo inside yourself.

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The Goofball Superhero

The Goofball Superhero


Enter with caution into the world of the Dodoism where Goofball Psychology and Visionary Awareness transcend the mundane.  Written in giddy, quirky, and sometimes inspiring one-liners guaranteed to raise your Dodo consciousness and laughter IQ.

  • Promotes contagious giggling euphoria.
  • Inspires wingless flight in humans.
  • Transforms stuffed shirts into jolly-jokers.
  • Dissolves seriousness and robotic behavior.
  • Explores your higher self with a Dodo’s help.

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